Hope, Life

About Failure

Here are a couple of things nobody will ever tell you about failing {like trying over and over and failing}


[1] Failure bores its teeth deeper than anyone will ever know.

[2] After a good number of failures there is a high possibility you’ll grow bitter fangs.

[3] No matter how positive you view the situation the awful reality that you have failed, that you’re yet to pass will always hit you.

[4] Failure can draw you into deep dark places.

[5] Failure is a pain and pain changes people.

[6] Failing is not easy, no matter the pep talk.

[7] Failure messes with your self esteem.

[8] Failure can leave you in one position for so many years.

  These are bitter, awful facts but they are truthful, do not be deceived that failure is a weak opponent, it is strong but you are stronger. The biggest truth you need to keep in mind is that; No matter how many times you’ve failed, you’re not a failure unless you accept defeat. You’re not a failure no matter how many times you’ve failed, there is always HOPE.



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