Hope, Life


​This is how it feels when you’re learning to love yourself for the first time…

Every thing about loving and taking care of yourself feels new because it is, because after so many years of neglecting yourself you have forgotten how it feels to take care of yourself, to love yourself without reservations. A part of you will still seek permission to do the things you love and the things you want. There will be days you will feel guilty for loving yourself and feel selfish for taking care of yourself and there will also be days when you don’t know what and how to love yourself and in those days you would contemplate giving up on the self love journey, but hold on because all these are part of the  process of learning to love yourself after a good number of years of neglect.

But this is how it will be when you’ve mastered a good percent of self loving….

You’ll know how to say ‘NO’ to the things that do not contribute to your positive growth

You’ll know how to stand up for yourself when necessary

You’ll know how to balance the act of looking out for people without neglecting yourself

You’ll search for determination within yourself and not depend on the confidence of others

You’ll learn how to do things for yourself without seeking permission from everybody else.
Loving yourself is not a crime, standing up for yourself is not rebellion and taking care of yourself is not selfish. Bear in mind that you can only truly love another if and when you know how to love and appreciate yourself.

To all those on this journey of self love, I wanna inform you that you’re not alone and also tell you its not a days journey especially after years of neglecting yourself but you will eventually get there, we all will… Always keep your hope alive

Self-Love is King


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