Hope, Life


There were/are alot of battles that has left me scarred, there have been people who have walked out and left me hanging, there have been awful choices and mistakes that are/will be forever engraved. There have been abuses, there have been near infatuation relationships, there have been suicide attempts, there have been deaths,  there have been major lows and deep depression, there have been failures and broken dreams, there have been doubt and disbelieve.

But there have also been laughter, achievements, good friends, good mentors, awesome babies, there have been highs; real amazing highs that lasted and still gets me high when I think about it, there have been beliefs, faith and most of all HOPE

Grateful is what I am feeling writing this, grateful is what I am writing this.

I am Grateful for the mistakes that taught me life,

I am Grateful for the pain and everything that made me brave,

I am Grateful for the abuse because it pushed me to stand up for myself,

I am Grateful for the wrong ones because it made me appreciate and cherish the right ones,

I am Grateful for the failures because it has taught me to fight, work for and own my success,

I am Grateful I am lost because it led to my steady journey of self discovery.

I am Grateful for the opportunity to be selfish for me,

I am Grateful for the doubt because it opened my eyes to certain realities.



2 thoughts on “Grateful.”

  1. Hi there Nina, I’m sorry, I’m sending this on here, going through my mail is mad hectic right now, but perhaps you moderate comments before publishing them, I’d like to reblog sorry (Copy and Paste 😁) this post. I was trying to put up something of this nature, but you did and it’s like you carefully picked them for me… I look forward to your response. Have a nice day darling.

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