Life, Life Of A Corper

A Thousand Lives

​I was there at the beginning, when the world was young. So many creation myths, none with a single shred of truth but I was there, or so I claim. I have rescued an entire nation from bondage and parted the red sea. Incredible claims these are. I have even flown to the moon on the back of a Pegasus wannabe or so I claim. Yes I have done it all. I have conquered the world or at least most of it until the Indus River told me “hey bro, no crossing for you”. I have battled the wild Germanic tribes, fought against the Celts and Saxons, and kept the emperor’s peace. PAX romana. I have been a gladiator, I have graced the Colosseum and killed a treacherous prince turned emperor. I have been a slave, whisked away from Africa, ended up on a plantation, earned my freedom and died an old but free man. A professor on the run from deadly assassins while uncovering skeletons in the holy church’s wardrobes and solving great mysteries, all in one stroke. I have held the fate of the world in my hands, the ring of power! I have battled a wizard with seven lives. I have been an army scientist who lost his wife to a man-made plague and fights tooth and nail to prevent a worldwide epidemic. A dwarf on the run from his vengeful and power mad sister. A footballer from the wrong side of the tracks trying to make it against all odds. An explorer lost on an uncharted planet. I have been a Jedi, oh yes Darth Vader himself. The baddest there is. I beat the lord of the Sith. I have lived all these lives and many more.

I have heard that it’s appointed into a man to die once. Well yeah, Valar morghulis. But sod that. You can live and die as many times as you like. How? Oh but it’s rather simple. A READER LIVES A THOUSAND LIVES. I came across this quote while reading the fifth instalment of Game of thrones and no truer words have been said. Nothing enriches your mind, widens your horizons and expands your thinking more. Why worry about eternity when you can live a thousand lives all in one?

Go grab a good book and read today, you’ll be glad you did.


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