Faith, Doubt and Disbelieve.

“If you have never doubted your faith in God then you are not yet a Christian” these were the words of someone I used to know.

Have you ever doubted your faith in God?

Have you ever doubted something or someone you once believed in?

Have you ever stopped believing?

I have and I can assure you it is not easy to doubt what you once believed in with all your might and its even harder to stop believing.

Mr Abraham (Tehran’s Son) was amazing, he believed with all he got and he never doubted or dreamt of disbelieving, I wonder if he was just courageous or desperate to believe anything or maybe that was his destiny; to be a perfect example for the Christian race.

But what really makes a person to start doubting and stop believing, what really leads to the complete destruction of a person’s beliefs?

Is it wrong for a person to stop believing?

They say salvation is personal, they say its your life, its your choice but how come when you stop believing you become the worst human on earth. I guess there is nothing personal about that anymore.

Have you ever doubted?

Are you still a believer?

Are you an unbeliever?

Once in faith, then in doubt and now in complete disbelieve.


2 thoughts on “Faith, Doubt and Disbelieve.”

  1. Hmmm this is interesting. I was at church yesterday and the pastor said something which sort of puzzled me. He said that simply having faith in God but not 100% following the bible and yet still being a kind person is called religion. Whereas 100% believing in God and following the bible accordingly is called Christianity. Idk.. I didn’t quite agree. But then I’m sure he would argue that the reason I don’t agree is because I follow religion 😂🤷🏾‍♀️. Thank God faith is subjective

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