Hope, Life, Life Of A Corper


Yesterday evening was the closest that I have ever gotten to a falling space rock. It lit up the sky with a trail of its eerie yellowish-green (or was it greenish-yellow) light. I was entranced and mesmerised mainly because I believed that shooting stars should be blazing red so seeing that Voldermort-like light was a first for me. The light gave out and the rock fell with a thud several hundred yards away, safely away from human habitation.

Long after the incident, I found myself still thinking about it, mulling it over in my mind. It just got me wondering…So much that a point, my thoughts turned nihilistic. I mean, technically, that was a near miss. What if that rock was headed straight for me (or someone else)? Human life is nothing more than a candle in the wind (pun not intended). We’re here today, gone tomorrow.

We have very short times to live but within this short time, there’s so much one can do for the advancement of oneself and the human race. It may be big, it may be small but at least it’s something. If Galileo, Aristotle, Socrates, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Martin Luther, Abraham Bell, Thomas Edison, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Martin Luther King INR, e.t.c could change the world given the limitations and biases of their time, who are we to not improve on their work? Who are we to not improve on their work? Why shouldn’t we dream?

We spend our time on so much pettiness and trivialities that we fail to see the bigger picture. As humans, there are so many big pictures one could look at but for me, I’ll always look at the stars. We could talk about ending global warming and preserving the planet, world peace, ending hunger and starvation, disease, improving life expectancy et cetera but I dream of Mars, the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter (I love Europa, Ganymede and Io), Alpha and Proxima Centauri, the Andromeda galaxy, the edge of the universe.

As I sit here watching the night sky with so many stars, I can’t help but dream.


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