I believe in LOVE, because I have felt its touch.

I believe in HOPE, because I live it everyday.

I believe in INNER BEAUTY, because I have experienced the wonder of its actions.

I believe in INNOCENCE, because I once had it, though its gone but I will always cherish it.

I believe in WRITING, because through it my soul is liberated in more ways than one.

I believe in FAITH, because its the one thing that keeps me closer to God.

I believe in JUSTICE, because it let’s the voice of the innocent be heard.

I believe in KARMA, because its a funny bitch that serves you what you deserve.

I believe in MIRACLE, because LOVE is a miracle.

This post was inspired by a quote I saw which said “When belief is absent, nothing is present”….

There are so many things we all believe in and the truth is, we started believing in certain things after one experience or the other, so tell me what do you believe in, why do you believe in it, what are your beliefs?


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