Hope, Life

Dear Cherub,


Hey my little Cherub,

My bright light,

How beautiful you were,

How pure you were,

I still remember you smile and laughter,

I still remember the song you loved me to sing,

I remember all the memories we made together like it were yesterday,

I don’t know if I am healing or not,

But I do know I am gradually getting used to the reality of never seeing you or hearing your voice,

I miss you a lot,

I am sorry if I was too hard on you, but I thought best to be a good role model,

I am sorry if I had my shortcomings as your care taker,

Thank you for giving me the first feel of motherhood,

Thank you for helping me retrace my steps,

Thank you for being the beautiful light at the end of my dark tunnel,

I promise to heal so I can be a better mother for the future little ones

I need not hope you are happy because  I know you are happy where you are now,

Thank  you  Cherub.

Continue to rest in peace.

Your Mami.



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