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Be Open minded And Not Blind.

 The society I come from is a predominantly religious and superstitious one, where most things are viewed from a more spiritual perspective, where actions are read beyond the physical, where your name is more than just your identity but the part ‘’decider’’ of your destiny………

I personally believe that every human needs something or someone to look unto, to some it is a higher spiritual being, to others it is a fellow human in a higher position and to others they choose to look unto their own strength, capabilities and valor [whatever it may be]. I also believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions & beliefs, and I also believe everyone sticks to what works for them. It is not my intention to degrade or attack the society I come from but I look around these days and I see how real issues are bypassed and justified spiritually, I see how the society is getting so religious and throwing logic to the wind. These days the death of someone is blamed on one demon or witch, these days the infertility of a woman is traced down to one curse or demonic bondage from her family, these days a depressed person commit suicide and there is a conception that he/she was spiritually manipulated . These are just a couple of instances.

In the plight of gaining a seat in heaven the society is slowly been polluted with fanatics and ignoramus, the society is been filled with people who only follow blindly without questions, people who believe everything hook, line and sinker, the society is been polluted with frauds who are only out to exploit the blind and ignorant ones and fill their [the frauds] pockets with more money. So now I ask, where will all these take us to, what if we wake up one day and see that all these which we thought were ground breaking efforts to make heaven were nothing but misconceptions and futile efforts?  What do we do then…


I sincerely hope our society wakes up soon and realize that everything must be balanced and that we can’t rob Peter to pay Paul, that physical problems do exist and they need to be combated with the physical solutions, being religious isn’t wrong but being superstitious and turning into a blind fanatic, that is where the issue lies, there is no crime in being open minded.







16 thoughts on “Be Open minded And Not Blind.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more👏🏾👏🏾 Funnily enough we are one of the most ‘religious’ yet corrupt nations in the world. The irony is real.. May God continue to watch over us.

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