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Parents Appreciation Series [Mums]

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love their Momma? I know and I can attest to the fact that some mums(if not all) can test our young patience but our love for them doesn’t change, except in special rare cases. Not too long ago we appreciated the dads and their super heroic exploits, today we are gonna appreciate the mums a.k.a Superwomen. This might sound strange but I still marvel as to how mothers keep it together, its no child’s play and I learnt that from Cherub.

 So here goes my appreciation for Mami,

  Thank you Mami for staying even when it seemed hopeless,

  Thank you for being my cheerleader,

  Thank you for not giving up on our relationship,

  Thank you for setting good examples,

  Thank you for being my Mami.

  My list is endless but I am gonna stop here. A special thank you goes  to the mums who gave the sons and daughters the first outlook of how a wife should be, thank you to the mothers who never relented in inculcating sound values into the kids, thank you to the mothers that has and will continue to impact society at large.

 Shoutout to the future mums, may you(including Nina) be better mums.

Comment on how much you appreciate your Momma.

Still Niña🌸 


8 thoughts on “Parents Appreciation Series [Mums]”

  1. Mom is the one of those very few people who one can count on. We never appreciate her for her hard work but she still can give up everything for us. She is the sweetest creature in the whole wide world. She can hear our heart beat and can understand us in a second. She is a true angel!


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