Hope, Life

It is Time….


We’ve all experienced that time when we didn’t know or understand what it meant to feel alive, to feel unquestionable joy within, there was a time we were alive but dead.

  We’ve all had our fine share of challenges, fears, achievements….. We’ve all had our fine shares of experiences most of them contributed greatly to the people we are now. We haven’t always been happy or maybe we have been but something happened along the way and left us sitting on the fence, not knowing if we are happy or sad. We’ve all experienced this time, we are experiencing this time and some are yet to experience it.

 I write this today, to wake us up to the realization that we can be happy and alive if we want to be, that the largest portion of our happiness lies in our hands, that it is solely our responsibility to handle our happiness. 

  So about that time we felt alive the most, the time is NOW, right now, these days, this year, now. Its time to feel exhausted of being a living dead, its time to feel tired of just existing, its time to let go of so much depression, its time to get tired of irrational pull to sadness, its time to fight and defeat all the doubt and negativity that clouds us at crucial moments…. Now, its time you choose to truly live, to savour every moment, to live and enjoy it, its time to cherish the wonderful moments that you laughed till you got teary-eyed, its time you learn to hold those wonderful moments so tight, because they will serve as comfort, strength and encouragement when the storms of life starts raging.

Let us laugh louder than we used to, be more courageous, be more independent, dance more because its about time we feel alive and stay alive.



4 thoughts on “It is Time….”

  1. Nina Nina!

    “Living my life like it’s golden” without a care in the world. I’ve decided to drop all the ‘what if’s and what not’s’

    Besides life is too short to keep fussing. Simply live. You’re inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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