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Hypocrisy. (SEX)

One of the most controversial and intriguing topics of all time is sex. Since organised societies sprung up during the infancy of mankind, there’s always been a power tussle over the control of sex. Religion, society, the stronger sex et al, these factions want to dictate not just for their adherents and subscribers but to the rest of humanity at large, what to do with their sexual urges. When to have it, when not to, the number of times, even the sort of position, whether or not to use contraceptives etc. Children are being indoctrinated on a daily basis, while adults are being played like saxophones, spilling out whatever tune their Piper wants them to spill.

This is the reality of society as it is. So it’s been since before I was born. Now while I don’t begrudge them their power, it’s the double standards that the adherents and subscribers follow that wounds me up. A lady would tell you that sex is a sin and she’ll be sneaking in male visitors in the cool of the evening. People who have had sex multiple times with multiple partners would be earnestly advising others to save it for their spouses, all these male figures that bear papa or president of fellowships would preach one thing on the altar and then sample the female members in private, many of whom are not so vulnerable. Don’t get me started about the Moslems, their own na worse pass. At night, hijabs transmogrify and possess four feet inside the bushes. I guess I’ve said enough on that.

So that begs the question, why are people like this? many will say it has spiritual implications, and yet they still do it (have sex, while trying to discourage others). Hausa Moslems consider many words relating to sex and reproductive organs as taboos and could come to blows over them yet they disappear and reappear at odd hours. When they do, they take long cleansing ritual baths and recite a lot of Quranic verses.

Why live in chains? Looking over your shoulders. Living double standards, double lives. Emancipate yourself, be responsible for yourself, and best of all, be free. It’s one of the best things about being human. Don’t let anyone ruin it for you. The people who preach to you and dog your footsteps are more dirty than you can ever hope to be………


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