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Parent Appreciation Series [Dads].





images (5)It is high time LEV(La Esperanza De Vida) shows appreciation to the two wonderful people who found each other and worked on a relationship that led to the conception of each and every one of us.
Today goes to the Dads, our very first bodyguards(2), the first role models {for the sons} and the first picture

of a husband{for the daughters}. I call mine Daddy, what do you call yours?
Dear Daddy,
I know you are not perfect, I know how much we clash but I wanna say a big thank you
Thank you for being the responsible head of the family,
Thank you for setting good principles that stick like super duper glue,
Thank you daddy for being my first teacher and my competent Government tutor,
Thank you for not being too high handed and for not being to loosed with your disciplinary methods,
Thank you for your consistency, for striving for a better future for us,
Thank you for giving me the first picture of the kind of man I should settle with,
Thank you for being my Daddy,
I want to also send out my heart felt condolences to as many who have lost their dads, the Lord will fill the void immeasurably.
A special shoutout to the future dads, like E-boyfriend,may you be better than your dads.
This is not a long post, simply comment on what you appreciate your dad for.



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Still Niña🌸


12 thoughts on “Parent Appreciation Series [Dads].”

  1. No doubt…the connection between a child and his father is so pure. I can always count on him to catch me when I’m falling. Without him, a part of me will always be missing. He loves all my imperfections and forgives me for all my mistakes in just a second and behaves like it never happened. Father is every girl’s first love.

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  2. Did you know that I had to read it through again and again before I could find the link. After ransacking my mail box and and comments. Unfortunately, I first read the post on a bus. So I didn’t see it. Thank you E-Girlfriend.

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