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My Lovely Bloggers.

LEV{La Esperanza De Vida} started December the 7th 2016 and since then it has been forward, forward. I must admit there has been some hiccups but show me a beautiful thing that has never  met ugly hurdles which it jumped… I honestly started LEV to improve on my writing skills but I have received more than I planned for, my writing skill has improved and is still improving, my expressive skills is thriving but the greatest gift has been and will always be the beautiful, expressive and intelligent writers I have met here.

I have this inquicurious[coined from inquisitive and curious] personality that rears her witty head at the slightest sense of information, this personality was the lead “finder” of these amazing blogs with wonderful writers. This is how I met a couple of blogs that inspired me and took my breath away, whenever I like a post I go the extra mile to check out the other bloggers who also liked the post, when I say check out, I mean visiting their page, reading their posts, liking it, commenting when and if I can and following them. In the light of my little extra mile walk I have encountered inspiring articles and met passionate writers. This post is to introduce you to my lovely bloggers, take some time to check out their blogs, you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. This is not a blogger recognition award, there are no rules to follow. This is Nina’s way of saying thank you to the bloggers who make WordPress more interesting, inspiring and most of all gives LEV a reason to keep posting and for Niña to keep writing.

Meet my lovely bloggers:

Booky Glover


Victoria’s Blog

Inside My Head

Lylyan Binda

Musings Of Bimidiah

Bhavana Jha

The TeenageMess Blog


Still Nina




7 thoughts on “My Lovely Bloggers.”

      1. To share. To share my heart, my art, my loves, my jo#reey&u8230;sometimns it’s just to work out the stress! lol There’s just something about creating and getting messy that soothes my soul. And paper is so available and affordable!

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  1. Nina, the world is so grateful to have you 🙂 You are the light on WordPress that we need, to support others on this journey. I will be checking out each and every blog. I’m so glad we are each others’ supporters. 😊

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