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Not The End But The Entrance To A New Beginning.

Getting/feeling lost is one thing every human will experience and the journey of soul searching is one journey every human will embark on. I have felt lost, I am currently feeling lost so this is a post that hits directly to home. To cut long story short I am currently on my journey of self discovery and mighty load of soul searching, this is a first, a real first and might not be the last because I have discovered all humans are like onions, so many layers yet uncovered.

While drowning in the pool of confusion, doubt and lostness I learnt a few things, but the major lesson I learnt and I am presently working with is that; getting lost is not the end but the entrance of a new beginning, weird right? Well its the truth, because you can only truly find yourself if you’ve ever truly been lost. The sad fact is that many have decided to be lost in the lostness(just like cohabiting with rock bottom) many have given up hope of ever finding their self, I completely understand them, I haven’t been having it easy but I choose not to get lost in my lostness. I read a few articles that said its okay to be lost they gave me encouragement but something was still amiss, in the state of lostness I felt ennui, stagnant, I wanted more understanding and that’s how I realized even though its okay to be lost it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find yourself. After the realization I learnt to pick the lesson from the lostness and move forward into the new beginning that awaits me after the journey of self-discovery and soul searching.

 The truth is after finding yourself, knowing yourself and learning to understand not just your flaws and weaknesses but also your strengths and perfections, you’ll view life from a new and fresh perspective, you’ll start over in a better place, you’ll learn to appreciate yourself more because you know how and what it means to be lost and truly found.

So…feeling lost is not easy but its not the end instead it is the entrance to a new beginning.


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