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D Magic Words!

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So I know the title says magic words, but don’t go thinking I want to go all “Houdini” on you. This post was inspired by a writing in a children class, it read ‘The Six Magic Words’ and I was kind of shocked to see that the magic words were ordinary words which I see and hear everyday. It got me wondering why they were so magical, but before the end of yesterday I figured out why they are so magical.

Personally speaking I am a “thank you addict”, I say thank you as easy as I say my name, I say sorry, I say please… I use all 6 words and I knew they had polite importance but not magical. But it left me thinking, how often do we use these magical words? Do we know how effective their magic potion is? Well here are the magic words before I forget its photo day.

My very own addiction. I firmly believe it works wonders, everyone likes an honest appreciation.


Even though a “borrowed” teacher said its “Don’t mention” I prefer the good old “You’re Welcome” to respond to an honest thank you.


images (2)
Oh yes! This has to be one of them.
images (3)
From where I come from, this word can be abused sha! But it is a magical word .



Apologies are beautiful especially when it is sincere. It is a magical word.
This is a more polite and sophisticated way of asking someone to repeat a statement. (Correct me if I am wrong).


I hope we could try to practice some magic.














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