Hope, Life

Tuesday Wonders!

There was a time I loved weekends and hated weekdays,then a time came when I broke up with weekends and started a complicated relationship with weekdays, I say complicated because Love was not the main foundation. And another time came where I hated both (weekends and weekdays), I just couldn’t establish a healthy relationship with either, and now……..story for another day -Niñaperdido

Today is photo day, its Tuesday. If you like Tuesday say ‘aye’ if you don’t say ‘nah’………

Don’t listen to Snowball, he is still bitter about Stuart’s arrival, Tuesday is beautiful😂

Doggy is just lazy, be determined you can achieve something today💪
Another chance to fix the brokenness and make it better☺
Be grateful, beat Tuesday’s downside💕
Choose to be positive, walk away from negative💖
Happy Tuesday Beautiful People💞💗

Be better, be grateful, make Tuesday beautiful. Have a wonderful Tuesday and an amazing week.💝


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