Religion Is Man-Made.

 From where I come from, religion is a big deal, a very huge deal. If you are not part of a religion, you are tagged as an infidel. Now there are 2 major religions; Christianity and Islam (there are others oh, but these are the big two like Democrat and Republican or PDP and APC), no offence to either but I have come to observe that both religions are in an unconscious [probably conscious] battle of domination. I do not see a Muslim going around trying to convert the whole world even if there is a ridiculous conception that the Muslims have a secret plan to Islamize the whole country [I call it ridiculous because it is a secular country plus its way too heterogeneous], what I do know is that the Islams do not permit you to come into their territory and preach another religion that isn’t theirs. 

The Christians on the other hand following the instruction in their Holy Book(Bible) wants to convert the whole world and not only that, I have come to observe also that the Christians view other religion as inferior compared to theirs. In the Christian fold there are a lot of umbrellas and you would be surprised that the only thing they have in common is the Bible but they have very different mandates as different as day and night, bottom line there is no unity in the fold.

 This post is not to degrade or upgrade any religion, it is simply to point out that in the habit of naming everything the true Supreme Being has been forgotten, sadly this is a reality not many would accept. These days the name of the religion or church stands first and the word of the church leaders stand more ultimate to the people than the word of the Supreme Being. After all this observation I have come to believe and conclude that religion us man-made not Jesus himself and just like every man-made creation, it is open to full corruption and pollution.

N.B. This post is opened to correction, opinions, criticism and advice.


13 thoughts on “Religion Is Man-Made.”

  1. I’d like to point your attention to something real quick… I’m a Christian, but also I’ll like you to know that in whatever thing or sect there are always the extremists… Moreover to me personally, Christianity is not a religion, it’s more of a lifestyle to me. People have forgotten about the Message but following those teaching the message and using them as a yardstick or worshipping them as their God.

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        1. Thank you partner. From peeking if the usher was coming my direction to the sudden increase in the Pastor’s voice like he caught me typing on my phone… This post is probably lacking a lot and that’s why there is N.B.
          Don’t judge me I drafted the post inside the church.

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  2. I don’t like to comment on articles as this one. It sort of pitch a tent against another. However, I will say this, Christianity is not a religion. It is a way of life. Those “Christian folds” you mentioned are denominations. Jesus rightly said in his word that he is coming for one church. He is not coming for the Baptist or Methodist, the Apostolic or Catholic, he is coming for people who believe in him, worship him in spirit and truth no matter the denomination they are.

    It is sad today, that many Christians have forgotten who they are and have become religious. My Bible defines religion as a form of godliness but denying(rejecting) the power of God. Many Christians adhere to certain rules, try to be holy yet they have lost sight of who they really are. Please note, that Christians are not perfect people (like some people like to preach), they are people who are called to walk in the truth of God’s word and show the light; repent when they wrong and continue to show the light.

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  3. I see what you’re saying. Taking into account the different denominations under ‘Christianity’ and the different practices that all these denominations practice.. I agree that religion itself is man made. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have so many types of Christianity; neither would there be different types of Islam. Essentially, it all comes down to faith. Because one can be religious but still have a very ugly heart

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