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7 Wonders Of Life

This is the first photo post(where the photo speaks the words) I will make more on this blog, I hope to get the inspiration and source to make them.

So the title is 7 wonders of life, the 7 things that will always leave a lasting mark on our body, soul and spirit. Curious what Niña has arranged, well here they


Mothers are the 1st Angels😇
Fathers are the first bodyguards😎
Indirect teachers of selflessness😘
The first family outside family💑
The first contact to heaven💏💜
The chief teachers of selflessness👪💞

Pros And Cons Of Motherhood.

I am not a granny yet but I can imagine the feeling👵💗👪

Well those are the 7 wonders of life, I sincerely hope we all get to experience all 7. Till the next post

Still Niña💞


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