I almost DIED!

I am currently still in the state of gratitude and realization. I almost died(oh yes), initially it felt like a simple headache but oh no it was a body shaking migraine.

I woke up to read at about 00:30hrs and it was a bonus when light came, I decided to iron my clothes for church service, I was having a sharp pain at the left part of my head down to my eyes (I was already asking myself why I woke up early). I struggled but eventually got around and finished the ironing but the pain had tripled, I took painkillers hoping to save the situation (story!it did not work). I couldn’t keep quiet again, I had to inform my folks because I did not have any plans of dying today (I still need to be a mum), dad came around but not without his healthy talk lectures blaming me for stressing my self to the very tinniest bone in my body (he wasn’t lying but how could I have known death will come knocking on my over stressed life) with all this going on I was rolling, tossing and holding my head begging for relief, no doubt it was a full blown migraine. That was just the snow dust of the avalanche, I tried to catch tiny sleep but when I woke up the avalanche started, I began to throw up(I saw the meat I devoured for dinner) but the most scary part was when I was slowly slipping out of this world, all I could see was Cherub’s face(my dead princess), mum’s voice became distant, everything seemed to be fading out(sighs) fortunately Divine Providence had other plans for me and my over stressed life, dad gave me ginger it calmed my system down(although I vomited once before calming down finally), I took a cold shower pouring the water from my recently straightened hair down to my legs. I finally slept by 6:30am, woke up by 10:00am to drink pepper soup then went back to sleep and now I am awake and recuperating and telling my story.

 Death did knock on my door, it has its own fragrance but I must admit I am majorly to be blamed because I have neglected myself all too well. My friends I employ you to take better care of yourselves, your life shouldn’t be over stressed not for any thing, I know that feeling all too.Please don’t get too busy and forget your health, taking care of yourself ain’t a right its a responsibility, be responsible today, I’ll be more responsible toady.


4 thoughts on “I almost DIED!”

  1. I think something that led to that is, uhm, what’s that term science uses again o *scratches head*. OK, I feel it’s when you get up and rush to doing something immediately, it’s found to be the cause of death of some people; when they get up and but their mind ain’t awake yet, and rush to go pee and they slumb and die 😟. Sorry for the Epistle tho… Thank God, you ain’t dead.

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