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Depression Is Real.

Depression is real. It’s a killer. The Oxford dictionary defines it as a state of feeling very sad and without hope. There’s nothing wrong with being depressed Anyone can sink into depression but everyone is strong enough to pull themselves out. Nigerians have a very close minded culture, so much so that they may be dying but wouldn’t tell another soul.

There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s no problem that doesn’t have a solution. There’s no offence that cannot be forgiven. There’s no pain that doesn’t have a panacea. There’s no worry that cannot be allayed. Don’t give up. Seek help.

To those suffering from various personality disorders, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not hopeless. All you need is patience, love and understanding. You’ll function better in the long run.

People especially Nigerians can be very insensitive. Be careful where you seek help so it doesn’t make it worse.

I bring you a message of hope. Don’t give up. I’ve been a suicidal oddball who didn’t fit in before. If I can get out, so can you too.

It’s not the result of some past sin, or some inherent sin you were born with, it’s perfectly normal. You’ll get out of it with help and time.



5 thoughts on “Depression Is Real.”

  1. Great to see you honestly discuss depression especially within/around the Nigerian culture.It surely isn’t discussed or allowed to be discussed! Your so brave for your honesty and candor.

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