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What To Do When Plans Fall Apart Instead Of Falling Into Place.



Its been a while since I made an original post, I have dropped more blogger’s entry than an original of Ninaperdido. Today an inspiration came along and next thing am writing down something on the next available paper, I do hope I haven’t been killing your enthusiasm with so much blogger entries.

  Every human makes plans, every human has wishes, dreams, set goals and ambitions, but what happens when things don’t go as planned, when things fall apart instead of falling into place, what happens when you watch your plans drift and drift and drift till it feels like a lost cause. I know very well how it feels when plans fall apart, when a once real and beautiful plan seems like a pipedream. Four years ago I would never have imagined I’d create a blog and give all I have to improving my writing skills, I would never have imagined that my life would be filled with messed up plans and broken dreams,that I’d have a little phobia for planning and most of all I would have never imagined I’d be repeating a phase after 4years but guess what I am everything but what I planned 4 years ago, I can’t say am ecstatic but I can’t say am sad either.

My editor(truthandperspectives) is currently in a state located in the Northern region of the country for his national service, we have been talking and discussing about everything and life’s unpredictability is usually the head topic and from his posts A Different Life [Life In Gwadabawa]. and My Life In Sokoto So Far By Corper Adeniran I realize that just like me, just like most people out there his plans didn’t go accordingly, that his plans now seem like a pipedream.

This post is not to talk  about the problems or to lament about broken dreams or distant wishes or messed up plans, it is to talk about possible things to do when all the plans come crumbling down, when hopes are dashed, when you’re exhausted because of the mess life’s challenges has made of your plans. This post is here to give hope that broken plans can rise again or better plans can be built.

                    Here are some few helpful things to do:

  • Acknowledge that the plans are facing trials, admit its broken, admit there is a problem. NEVER IGNORE THE PROBLEM.
  • Cry about if for a while, you’re allowed to mourn the loss of your plans[this is an individual choice, I used to know someone who took pride in throwing herself a pity party and afterwards dust herself up and rise up to the problem]
  • Seek solutions,decide if you want to mend the broken plans or start up fresh plans. I made a post about starting over[Starting Over.]
  • Learn to adapt and keep and open mind,rigidity should be out of your attitude. Be flexible with decisions,choices,advice e.t.c.
  • Always remember the future is an unpredictable mistress
  • Lastly, keep the hope alive at all time.

I am not life expert[I doubt anyone is] but after 4years of stagnancy, fear, shame, repetitions, disappointment, depression e.t.c. I have learnt some really good lessons. Like I will always say, ‘Life doesn’t get easy we only get stronger and wiser’ So let’s go mend those broken plans or better still let’s build greater plans!


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