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For All The Sensitive Souls.

I know and understand what it means to be sensitive, I know fear and empathy. Its hard to live in a place that doesn’t get you.-Ninaperdido.

I’m a sensitive soul


in an insensitive world.

A world that hurts,

too much.

A world that denies love.

And encourages fear.




A world not built for me.

But needs me.

I’m a sensitive soul;

I hurt for the hurting.

I bleed for the wounded.

I cry for the sad.

I feel for the numb.

I’m a sensitive soul;

I show up for the delinquent.

I stand brave for the scared.

I remain open for the closed.

I give for those who take.

I’m a sensitive soul;

I find solitude comforting.

Too much world time,

can destroy me,

and almost did.

It’s a battlefield,

I’m the target,

who’s not


armed well.

I’m a sensitive soul;

I speak up,

speak out,

lend my voice,

my heart,

my strength.

I’m a sensitive soul;

I know when you are lying,

to me,

to yourself.

I know things I cannot explain.

I feel.

It’s who I am.

Connected to pretty much,


I’m a sensitive soul;

I see and know

too much sometimes.

The pain and suffering,

not always mine.

I feel pain,

like I feel love,


An empath,

they tell me.

I’m a sensitive soul;

Who’s often





feeling anxiety.

It’s not easy living in a world

you don’t fit in.

I’m a sensitive soul;

Tried to medicate,



anything to fit in.

But we cannot.

We were never meant to.

We are different.


To prepare us.

For we are sensitive souls;

Born into a world we don’t fit in.


to create a new one. 

Krissy VanAlstyne;Thought Catalog Writer.


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