Life Of A Corper

A Rather Horrifying Night

Diary of a Sokoto corper.

It was on Friday, five days ago, that I decided to take a tour of Gwadabawa (my place of primary assignment). I set out in the evening as the day’s activities were being rounded off with a new friend of mine. We decided that we were going to go on foot. Sultan Abdulrahman school of. Health Technology (SASHT) is on the outskirts of town, so we slowly walked into the community. As I vividly remember, we went past a NSCDC (civil defence people) secretariat, INEC HQ, the Government Day secondary school (G.D.S.S), a mosque, the local market (the friend is female so you can be sure we had an extended tour of the market), then another mosque (the entire place is packed full of them) and finally the general hospital. At this point our legs were screaming in protest (I know mine was) so we decided to go no further.

Opposite the general hospital was a dust basin of a soccer pitch where a fierce match was ongoing, presumably a local derby as a majority of the town’s male folk were there. I hung around much to the displeasure of my companion. As for the match itself, there was a bit of showmanship on display which never failed to excite the crowd as well as those nitty-gritty bone crushing tackles that drew “kai!!!” from the crowd. After about 5 mins, I decided to leave the match as it was barren and my companion was getting really impatient.

I had barely turned my back when I heard another “Kaiiii!!!!” and I’m sure that I felt a shudder ripple through the crowd. At this stage my companion suddenly seemed interested in the proceedings and I wonder what was responsible for the sudden turn around. How could such a match pique her interest and then I saw it.

There was a young man on the floor groaning in agony trying as much as possible not to move his leg of which the broken tibia was jutting out through torn flesh. The rest of the footballers threw themselves on the floor in sorrow. The crowd was stone silent. Soon however, the crowd rallied themselves and moved as one body. They got a cab and put the injured man in it. Some even volunteered to go along with him. So ended a game of football.

In my quiet time though, I still wonder where they might have taken the young man to, and why they didn’t use the hospital instead. I wish him a speedy recovery.


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