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Dear Future Self……

Have you ever wished you had the opportunity of giving your future self some kind of heads up of what to expect even if you don’t know how it will be? Well here is a letter written to a future self by an over thinking unconventional loyal lady. I hope you find it interesting and relatable.

Dear Future Self,

          I haven’t met you yet but I have an almost vivid image of how I want you to be, what I want you to become but before I fully take the role I wanna drop some helpful tips you could use in the future.

 Here goes:

(1) Present self is an over thinker, past self was an over thinker please try to reduce the intensity of your over thinking.

(2) Currently present self is the Queen of worrying, brooding and internalizing of known and unknown problems. Here are some candid advice

 (a) Let yourself go

(b) Learn to understand that there are things you can control and things you won’t be able to control

(c) Worrying never solves the problem neither does it make it go away.
(3) If present self doesn’t learn how to fix herself like she fixes others, please do learn to fix yourself and if you can’t don’t hesitate to ask for help, there will always be someone(don’t ask how I know)

(4) Don’t you dare uproot the firm foundation of unconventionality, present self might be going through a lot of hassle right now but if there is one thing she is proud of, it is her unconventionality. So don’t change it for anything in the world.

(5) Always remain loyal to yourself and to the people around you, past and present self are pure abode of loyalty, so don’t change the pattern.

(6) Practice and perfect the act of calmness.

(7) Feeling deeply is both a blessing and a curse, there are days when the curse will thrive but there are days when the blessing will rule. Take both as it comes, nothing in life is easy, feeling deeply is part of your anatomy, embrace it at all times.

 So there☝ are the little but vital heads up, there might be a lot I am forgetting but I’d like to believe I have given good pointers to face life later. I will try to prepare a safer and healthier atmosphere for you to enjoy later in the future but remember life ain’t easy but if past (before) self was able to overcome and present (now) self is still moving to survive then be assured you can overcome, survive ,live and conquer. Above everything else please be much better than Past (before) and Present (now) self.

                                                    Yours loving

                                                     Present self.


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