Thank You To That Best Girlfriend

Dearest Best friend,

  My bubbly better half, my sister, my best friend, the relationship we share was unexpected and it has grown stronger in every way. You knew me before you knew me, you cared even before you cared. The friendship we share ain’t a one day thing, its a growing relationship with high future possibilities, I want my kids to meet you, to call you ‘Aunty’, I want to see you through and through………..

I could go on and on about how I want the future of our friendship to be and how much I’d gladly work together with you so our dream of dining in a sophisticated restaurant will become a reality, so our dream of visiting a mall without been afraid of over spending can become a reality and most of all to be your Matron of Honour at your wedding, I’d gladly work so the wishes we have for our friendship can become a reality. They are dreams and they might seem so big right now, they might even seem childish🙈 but I believe in them, your love, your loyalty and your support is the reason why I believe in them. 

  Presently, we are so far from our goals, we are so far from where we believe we are supposed to be, but we will get there because we are fighters, you are fighter, my fighter🙂.

  I want to say thank you for loving me, for listening to my endless ranting, for tolerating my childish antics, for being a slim shoulder to lean on(lol), for adding spice to my innocence, for accepting me without conditions, for praying for me, for sharing stale pork with me😁 above all I wanna say thank you for being YOU, for being a Queen who stands tall, thank you Reina. I prayerfully hope our friendship won’t  be cut short, that we will fulfill our dreams individually and together, thank you so much best friend.

                  Yours affectionately



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