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Music; A drug for the soul

For the past few days my music player has been on shuffle, it has picked and played the worst and best songs in my playlist. If you have been reading my posts, you’ll know am currently recovering from a terrible loss, music has been an helpful agent. Like I was saying, master shuffler has been picking and playing the worst and the best in my playlist, it also has been playing a lot of songs I had forgotten about.

  Niña listens to almost every type of song except rock(I have nothing against it, but I just can’t seem to listen to it without getting confused. Maybe I haven’t listened to the right ones yet) when I say every type I mean every type even from other languages (Spanish, Filipino, Korean e.t.c.), I look for good sound, good vocals and powerful lyrics in a song and I can boldly say I have done well to amass pretty good songs in my playlist. 

 In the beautiful process of shuffling, I heard songs that  soothed my soul and filled it with peace, I listened to songs that encouraged, motivated and inspired me, songs that has filled my soul with more hope than before, I heard the songs that spoke the words I fail to say.  Every soul needs motivation, encouragement and inspiration and through my experience these past few days, I have come to conclude that music can be a drug of motivation, encouragement and inspiration for the soul. Everyone has different opinions and different needs but there are always similarities between humans, I wanna ask that you try one of these days to listen to the songs in your playlist more intently and deeply because one never really knows where the soul will get its healing and upliftment from.

  Here are some of the songs that took my soul near heaven these past few days;

  1. I didn’t know my own strengthWhitney Houston
  2. Rise UpAndra Day
  3. Try Everything- Shakira
  4. Stand By YouRachel Platten
  5. The best and the worstLeona Lewis
  6. Fight SongRachel Platten
  7. Thick SkinLeona Lewis

I really hope this post is helpful to all its reader. 🙂


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