Hope, Life

Starting Over.

  Starting over is hard but not bad, rebuilding is difficult but hope is one vital key needed to rebuild a broken home, broken soul e.t.c. We have all experienced starting over in different aspects of our lives, in our relationships, in our career, in our academics e.t.c. no one has had a perfect life, free of bad decisions, bad choices, absolutely no one. I have come to realize that starting over is one way to learn and grow from our mistakes, its also a way to value and respect ourselves more.

 It is tough to go through a certain process all over again, it is painful to  go back to scratch after touching the sky(grace to grass), I understand that feeling well and I know many of us do as well, but after getting to know about life and its challenges we understand that cohabiting with the bottom is not the best way forward.There are choices and those choices we pick will determine the direction our life will face, it takes real strength to pick a choice and actually follow through with it. In this case, starting over is a choice only you can decide to choose.

 I employ you today to view starting over from a logical point, to not cohabit with the bottom because you are afraid of doing it all over again, I truly hope we all find the strength to start over when everything has gone sour in our life. Like I said it is hard (but nothing is really easy) but with hope, determination, perserverance, support and of course strength we can rebuild after the storm of life has messed it all up.

Still Niña



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