Hope, Life

Death; A part Of Life

​   Dear death, are you ever tired of taking? Do you know what pity means? Why do you ignore the tears of the loved ones of your victims? Can one ever be fully ready for your blows? Oh death, the mean silencer of laughter, the great motivator of tears.

I have heard of the death of people, I have seen and heard wailings and I have always wondered how. How they moved on from the pain? How they coped in the absence of the deceased? I always felt great sympathy for them. Death has never hit me close to home until now. I have always imagined the pain it will bring and I hoped that it never wandered to my direction (at least not now). Personally, I am not afraid of death for myself but for my loved ones because no matter how annoying they are, I’d prefer to see them alive, hale and hearty. Today, death hit super close to home. Death snatched without mercy. Today I realize that no matter how much we hope and pray, there is one thing that will come for us all when its ready and that thing is DEATH. My heart and soul goes out to as many that has lost a child, a partner, a parent, a friend e.t.c. My heart sympathizes with them and hopes that someday they will heal, someday they will move on with the beautiful memories the deceased left behind.

Someday we will all die, we don’t know the time, day, week, month, or year. Neither do we know if it will be long and painful or short and painless, all we know is that death is inevitable. So decide today, what you will be remembered for, decide how you will live your life because death doesn’t care if you’re young and unfulfilled or old and fulfilled, it simply comes to take and leave.


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