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Why do people love assholes

​Other people don’t really think like we do and we can’t/don’t really have any ideas as to how their brains function. We can only try to rationalize their action to see the ‘why did they do it?’ after the deed has been done. When people usually have their hearts set on something, they usually pull out all the stops (subtly or not so subtly) to get it. It could be a job, money, sex, a potential partner e.t.c and you can rest assured that they won’t give up until they have played their trump card.

In a relationship, after all the work that they have put in to get to this point with you, when they say it’s you, it really is you. What surprises me is that some person, after the thrill of the chase is over and the dust has settled, become bored in a relationship and easily too (no offence, but females are usually more guilty of this). I have seen it so many times. That’s gotten me to ask why? Why would people abandon loving relationships to enter into abusive ones?

After a lot of brainstorming and interviews, I have come to believe that these people are looking for thrills. A playboy, woman-beater or dope babe, never offers the kind of security that a normal regular relationship brings so their partners have to put in a lot of work, fending off other contenders or trying to make them (the playboys, women-beaters or dope babes) stay in the relationship. This way their minds are always active, hence they are not bored. These people who are easily bored naturally take things for granted once they have got the hang of it. Usually, human beings can be erratic but with a partner they are scared of losing, they tone down all noxious behavior to the barest minimum but once they get the absolute assurance that a partner is firmly in their grasp, they go haywire. These people can punish their partners without mercy once they get bored because (1) they won’t cheat, (2) they will beg even when they are not in the wrong, and (3) they will always be waiting for you. These people can punish with their presence, emotions and sex. Try that with a playboy, woman-beater or dope babe, as you are storming out of their apartment in anger, someone else is replacing you. You could even bump into them on your way out. A woman-beater will beat you black and blue, but a nice guy won’t. why? Because he’s a gentleman so ladies run roughshod all over him. To these people, being nice or kind is a sign of weakness or foolishness. I have been told to “man up” in the past by an ex. So what does man up mean? That I beat her up? These are the same people who would take shit from the playboys, women-beaters or dope babes. Why? The reasons are varied. Some believe that no one would love them in the twisted way that the aforementioned group of persons do, others feel they can’t do any better while another group feels that there is a good responsible guy/lady in there in there so they are hard at work trying to bring him out whilst hoping to take credit for it. If their parents couldn’t change them, what makes you think you can? These persons never exhibit their good behavior with decent persons who want a relationship with them, only with the bad guys/girls, but when you ask them all, what type of partner would you like? They will tell you that they would like a nice and decent person yet there are busy driving the population of nice and decent people into extinction.

Who knows, maybe what they truly deserve are assholes and I would advise anyone not to enter a relationship with such people. If you’re in one, please head for the hills. 


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