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​I have seen so many posts going round about how guys have been divided into two groups; the good and bad guys. The “good guys” have been portrayed as slow, boring, uninteresting, geekish, homebodies, soulless, introverted, emotional and boring personalities (I’m sure there are more). They have been roundly slaughtered by on social media by basically the majority. It now seems that the in-thing is to be elusive, a player, a cheat, emotionless, party animal, emotionless, fashionista and whatsoever i.e to be a “bad boy”.

Now, while I am not a fan of the “bad boys”, I certainly have nothing against them (so long as they stay off my turf) and I certainly wish them all the best. But in the long run, what do they hope to gain?

I believe that a man who has his priorities in order, finds a woman he loves, stays devoted and loyal to her is the type of man that I would go for if I were a woman. No third parties, suspicious visitors, secret phone calls or deleted texts, wild and drunken nights out e.t.c. Both parties would have complete trust in each other. No lies, pretence or façades. Personally speaking, I believe in giving love and asking for it in return. It makes life easier and more comfortable. It offers security and peace of mind for both parties. No snatching and hiding of mobile phones, switching of sim cards or telling of multiple lies on top of each other hoping not to get caught.

If you are a bad boy or playboy, surely you are living a game of cat and mouse, full of thrills and excitement. But what happens when it’s all over? When it’s time to settle down and become a “good guy”? The harem that you labored to acquire will disperse, still searching for the thrill that you once offered. Old habits die hard. Can you stay with more than one woman for life? What happens when the urge comes to relive your good old glory days? Over to you ladies, you claim that you want a quiet gentle guy who would love and cherish you, yet you chase after a playboy. Then when it’s time to get married and settle down, is it not still the same “good guys” that y’all will be looking for to tie down? Is it not the same “good guy” model that you seek to mould your free-spirited “bad boy” into?

Just food for thought, nothing more. I certainly can’t dictate to others how to live their lives. I can only express my opinions and ask questions

Jeffrey Ogodogun


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