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What is it about change? Why does it just pop in and pop out? Does change and time work together? These are questions that have been asked by some of us (I know I have). This will be the first post in which I am going to get really personal. I don’t hate change, but the process that comes with it is so tedious that it feels me with…oh I dunno.

  So there was a time when my life was going at a particular pace which I seemingly enjoyed (l never did. I just settled for it because it was the easiest thing in the world). It was a routine kind of life, overly predictable. Infact I am pretty sure everyone in my community could predict my going outs and coming ins. Those who were regular visitors could predict my meal and sleeping times correctly. The only thing that they couldn’t predict what was going on in my mind. Now that I remember, I settled for a life of routine for so long that I began to enjoy it. It went on for quite a while and then l began to hate it ( I HATE ROUTINES NOW). Know thyself, a Greek philosopher said. As I grew older I began to understand myself. I get bored easily, I enjoy spontaneity, I got depressed easily, I felt unfulfilled and tired. Infact, tired became a full part of my personality. Everything was so bland and empty. Like a boring movie that you’ve got no choice but to watch it over and over again. The bottom line is, I cried for change. I knew I needed change and I knew the kind of change I needed but I had no idea how to go about it. In any case, change did come. Yes change came at a point when I was already accepting my fate (a life of routine). It came and changed it all. Change arrived, pulled my life down and left me in the rubble. There was no one to help and I didn’t know how to help myself because I was already so used to getting help from others in my life of routine. When I finally realised that help wasn’t coming from my old life, I picked myself up, moved on and guess what happened. I learnt to encourage myself and along the way someone came (my avid teacher of “do it yourself”) and with cooperation, patience, relapses and hope I’m adapting to change and its tedious components.

What I am trying to say is that, I got so comfortable with my routine life that I loved it. It got uncomfortable and I started to hate it. I noticed then that a routine was easier as it poses no surprises or rude shocks so I started to love it again (it would have been a vicious cycle if change hadn’t come). I knew what I wanted but I didn’t know how to go about it so I settled for less. Change doesn’t come to punish us. It comes so that we learn how to grow and understand what it means to truly adapt by ourselves as humans. Not everyone is the same though. Some persons can pick themselves and effect their change gradually while there are who can’t do it alone (because sometimes the best drug for a human is another human). Despite our different abilities and capabilities, when change comes knocking at your door, remember that it’s your life. You are the only one who will know how to entertain it and pick the lessons it has come to drop. Just like me, many are out there in need of change in their relationships, career, academics, home e.t.c. I employ you to be ready because every change whether good or bad is always accompanied by drawbacks, confusion and mild catastrophe but bear in mind every situation is a lesson, every change has a mission though you may not know it now but eventually you will realize it. I do hope when the waves of change blows to your direction it wouldn’t blow you away forever but instead it would teach you how to survive in stormy times.


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