Hope, Life

Believe In Yourself.

​ We’ve all had moments of insecurities(what am I saying?), we’ve all had years or days of insecurities. Nobody was born as an abode of confidence, I mean no one, there is no flawless person, there are near flawless persons but no one is completely without flaw.

 There have been times we’ve had the urge to throw in the towel, throw the aspirations to the wind, give up and just disappear (I’ve had this feeling like for real), there have been times  we just wanted a time machine so we can transport ourselves to the future and skip the shit of the present and the baggage of the past. We’ve had moments of emptiness, doubt and sorrow. This is reality and life’s process, I’m not asking you to search for someone with similar challenge. Of course not, but I tell you that the world is huge and everyone has had their moments, those moments where it all comes crashing down. I won’t sugar coat it, some have actually hit rock bottom and refused to stand up again because they decided to cohabit with their failures, to create a relationship with the bottom. Now I won’t judge or blame them, because does anyone really enjoys trials(certainly not me)? But I have been there and I am hope’s number 1 fan (we can share, there’s lots of room up here). I can’t count the number of times I have hit rock bottom, or the number of times my life has crashed, or the number of times I have wallowed in self pity (I just recently got outta one) but I keep moving on and holding on to hope and no, I am not super woman. I don’t do it alone, but I have made up my mind to give the biggest percent of encouragement to myself, not to sit and wait for the encouragement from others, because everyone’s got their shit to worry about. I want to give a shout out to everyone who has supported me till they got tired and left and to all those who chose to stick like glue and kept pumping in all the support. Now the challenges are a real part of life and they won’t go away. I call them life’s trainers (because they train you to grow tougher skin). They will keep throwing blows but I tell you “believe in yourself, believe you can survive, believe you can rise from the ashes, believe you can conquer…..cause you can”.      

 Just remember that in the journey of life, you will encounter the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful e.t.c. Its all part of the adventure, but please never lose focus and always remember where you are heading to and never stop believing in yourself. If it gets too tough, take a break and reinforce yourself. Always be prepared because life doesn’t get any easier, we only get stronger and wiser.




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