Hope, Life

Letting Go is not Giving up; Its another beginning.

​The past is a memory, but most of us are keen to forget the past but are unable to let go of the memories,how does that work, how does one forget the soul but hold on to the body,how can we live not remembering our last, how can we understand the present and predict the future if all we want is to murder our past? Truth is, the memories are beautiful (some can be awful) but I believe one of the most difficult things for us humans is ‘FORGETTING’, especially terrible event. So now I ask myself why is so much relevance given to negative events? Why is so much emphasis laid on the scars? Letting go is never easy, looking beyond pain is never easy but if we could take time out, sit down and observe the situation only then would we realize that choosing peace over pain is the only way to truly heal, I am not saying that the scars won’t be there, I am not saying the bad memories will vanish forever but I am saying you can finally talk and remember the pain without letting it determine your mood or change the course of your life. I am saying choosing peace over pain will help you start a fresh page.

Nothing has ever been easy, transformation is the slowest and most tedious process there is (especially in the case of humans) but there is always hope. In life’s story, there are wounds and scars. Some are forever deeply etched in the soul, in the mind and body. We don’t really get tired but sometimes we do feel tired, tired of everything. But there’s good news, because until we are dead, we don’t really get tired. No matter how difficult the situation is, we can (and there is) always hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.




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